Introducing you to the team – AFS2012 (Agenda For Survival 2012)!


Aamir Alam

Aamir is pursuing BSc.(H) in Computer Science. He likes reading and playing basketball. He joined the course to gain a better understanding of how we must reach equilibrium between development and the environment.

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek is  graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Roorkee. An avid learner who adds the creative dimension to everything he does. His passion and motivation to contribute towards ‘sustainability of life’ and ‘equality in society’ brought him to this platform.


Akshath Jitendranath

joker, smoker, lover, sinner, reader, writer, researcher, politickler, traveler, drifter. Et cetera. You?


Ankit Dhingra

An Avid observer Ankit is a techno-geek . His quintessential interest in nature and the environment brought him to CSE. This inquisitive one wants to know about how things are, how they work , how they came into being and how they can be improved by applying science and technology. He firmly believes environment can develop without us but we cannot develop by ignoring environment.


Anubha Tewari

She is glamorous, thoughtful, easy and crazy. Her conversations with friends varies from utter nonsense to lofty philosophy, and from to good advice to serious ponderings. We hear that she frightens very easily and even the sound of a doorbell when she’s alone is enough for a heavy adrenaline rush. Much to our amusement she often gets into fits of laughter. She loves to gorge upon chocolates and they are her life’s weakness.


Anuradha Karmakar

Anuradha is a social worker, or at least half way there. She re-homes animals in her spare time. Her hobbies include reading novels and freak dancing. Legend has it that she is an eminent authority on the perfect nap.


Anurag Tiwari

Anurag Tiwari is by profession a biotechnologist (final yr. student) but by nature a nature lover and so a part of CSE. His great interest for knowledge has always kept him curious in reading or speaking to people. He is a football lover and Passionate about travelling.


Chandni Chandran

Chandni is a talkative and ambivert creature. This Google geek is curious, dramatic, ambitious, inquisitive, enquiring, tea/coffee addict …the list goes on and on. She is passionate about her studies and aspires to be a development scientist in future.


Chhavi Sharda

She is very unpredictable and crazy, and a budding photographer with an eye for interesting pictures. She is a techy in the true right. Prior to her stint in CSE, she had absolutely no idea about the environmental issues. She came here to acquaint herself with all the issues so that she could gain a perspective of the life around her.


Dhaval Mehta

Dhaval is an aspiring Environmental Engineer studying at Cornell University. He has an avid interest in economic and ecological equity, and has worked with various NGOs in India and Nepal. He’s at home at any football field or traveling spree, and he likes to believe he knows German, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, and his mother language, Gujarati. Oh, and English. And no, as yet he has found no birds in the nest he carries on his head.


Janhavi Sharma

Janhavi Sharma is an aspiring media professional, wearing simultaneously hats of a poet, writer, and a painter in an attempt to conquer the beauty of expression. She is believed to have a keen interest in theatre and movies too. She can go from being extremely happy to extremely mad within seconds and people doubt she is a serious case of multiple personality disorder. She also happens to be one of the editors of this website. So, if you don’t like some things, you can happily blame her.


Mahek Singh

Make-up freak, global nomad, makes friends easily, avid blogger, Honey Singh enthusiast and generally not suited for civilised society describes Mehak in a few words.


Manjeeth Rai

Manjeeth is a graduate in ‘Hotel Management’ and a environment enthusiast. He is a unique personality if our batch and we are really short of words to describe him!


Monica Yadav

Monica is pursuing her Chemical Engineering from IIT Gandhinagar. Self-discipline and confidence backed with high levels of motivations are the key traits of her personality. Her unique smile definitely makes your head turn.


Mukund Rao Palat

Mukund is confused about his identity and prefers to call himself an Indian instead of associating himself with a state. On the education front he is probably even more clueless. He spent four year studying and graduating with a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and yet he doesn’t know anything about engineering. He is an avid photographer and poet and likes to read books in his spare time.


Pranati Gogoi

She is passionate about dancing, singing and sports. The fact that she loves spending time with nature and enjoying its scienic beauty is what has inspired her to contribute towards mitigating the degradation happening in the environment.


Rangla Adam Kharam

Rangla Adam Kharam is working with the Centre for Social Development, an NGO in Manipur. He works on women’s rights issues, problems with the AFSPA and in the conflict between ‘development’ and the environment in Manipur. He is also a very good singer and is fond of old Hindi classics.


Satvika Kumbhare

She comes across as intellectual person but claims to be perpetually confused. However we see her as an ambitious, enthusiastic, adventurous person with a fantastic sense of humour. She came to Centre for Science and Environment because she aims to pursue her PhD in Environmental Economics.


Shweta Abhay Gandhe

She loves travelling, exploring new dams, and lakes, visiting wildlife sanctuaries. Having fun all the time, is what defines her. She looks forward to this course as an opportunity to know more about her environment and so that she gets a different perspective to life.


Stanzin Namgail

Stanzin, a Laddakhi stud, natural poser and a lot more. He is studying at Jammu university. His passion towards development, environment and social issues brought him to this unique course, ‘Agenda for Survival’.


Udit Gupta

Passionate about environment and social work, pursuing environmental engineering from ISM, dhanbad was a natural choice for Udit. A little moody but extremely fun loving, he loves meeting new people. His hobbies include reading, creative writing and dancing.


Varun Kumar

Varun is a man of contradictions. He has a shy personality, but is not scared of speaking up. He is very simple by nature, but can comprehend complicated concepts. He is not averse to taking risks, but he weighs the pros and cons. He dreams, but works towards achieving them.


Yugal Raj Jain

Friendly, outgoing, big sports fan. Knowing more about the environment is something he is really passionate about. And he believes that this course haa informed him significantly about the state of environment of the world and especially India.


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