What Is Eco-Fashion?

Eco-fashion is about making (or using) clothes and/or accessories that take into account the environment, health of consumers and working conditions of people in the fashion industry.

Why This Blog?

Who has the time to obsess over the right length of the dress or if the heels of the stilettos are five inches or not, when the planet is spinning with issues like world hunger, climate change, and water shortages? But fashion isn’t something that manifests in dresses only. The late great Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, and how we relate to the world around us.”  The world of eco fashion  is moving forward as we live.  Every day there is a new development in sustainable fabrics, dyes, presses, etc. Consider an innovative designer creating a glam, socially aware collection. Or imagine a boutique modeling their business towards making ethical clothing more easily accessible. Picture a celebrity  walking down the red-carpet adorned in a stunning gown, which the media declares the style statement of the season. Or just think about someone picking up her first  pair of organic jeans, and instantly falling in love with it. The possibilities are endless. Really, every day, a new “ Eco-Fashionista” is born.

Through my posts on this blog, I aim to inspire readers with new ideas and information. And hope to take a conversation forward. Fashion is one of the most visible and seductive mediums. Environment is our playing field and we should try to preserve it with everything we do.

So keep reading for more inspiring pieces to keep yourself green and glam.


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