After five days of lecture at Centre for Science and Environment, I now realize and feel that environmentalism is a lifestyle. Environmentalism is not about showing off or using hi fi terms or going ‘green’ by just planting a tree and forgetting it later. It is as simple as consuming only what is required. For example, just for the sake of being fashionable, people have a tendency to buy way too many clothes or shoes. Is there really a need to do so?
Sometimes, I feel people (including me) live a life of contradictions. In the same classroom where we discuss complex issues of environment, we don’t care to switch off lights when we don’t need it, we use fan with an ac, and we use huge tea bags (50% of its extract would just go in dustbin). I see people (from AFS’12 group) wasting food. They don’t think twice before doing that. We would feel proud on wearing branded clothes (though unbranded counterparts may be equally good) and then would use a slogan with a ‘green’ term wherever I we want. The list is long.
Just because I have a purchasing power, does that also mean that I also have the right to (mis)use the resources?
This is my personal opinion and people are welcome to contradict it.


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