How it began..

As we all know that our former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has great love and affection towards children and his concern towards education has often kept him as a role model in the minds of the youth. While his visit to a school in Jharkhand, he had questioned the students “who are terrorists?” Many students kept answering but then there was this one particular answer from a little girl which shook his mind was “The real terrorist is poverty.”

On the very 1st day in CSE classroom the lesson we learnt was how environment is the basic cause of poverty; how development is not development but destruction until environmental issues are not taken into account. How time to time various events in the form of movements, campaign etc. arises from the villages to protect environment. How democracy asks for accountability and again the right to information came from environmental issues. And lots more..

The lecture by Yamini Aiyar on accountability was such a political and economic one that, from all the young minds present there, some got switched off by the end. But of course the questioners asking questions throughout is the key to hold all of us into the discussion. Her way or I can say her perspective of seeing accountability in terms of both positive & negative relationship with the government shows how analytical she is.

After going through those two lectures, a fear followed by curiosity about the cause of “resource crises” occupies my mind. So, what’s the real cause?  Is it a country’s GDP (which itself generated from a war crises and causing a resource crises now) or it’s something what we call bureaucracy, which very cleverly makes local people depend upon the government for their own natural resources. Or is it something else? Looking forward for some suggestions and answers.


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