The Weed

Thanks to Centre for Science and Environment, now I know how important each single plant is for both environment and survival of the poor (Ref: Politics of Environment by Anil Agarwal) . This poem is an attempt to think like an ecofeminist. The poem draws parallels between the life of a weed and a woman.  Since poetry as a medium of expression is something that I hadn’t tried before. I am not sure if I have done justice to the topic. Here it goes.

The Weed


the simple and creeping


in meanders, quivers,


Stillness; a mysterious panic.

She blossoms;

in that muskiness ripple swayed,

twice or thrice!

Froze the water.

Creaks in the sleekness,


Yes, I am an unwanted growth.

Chandni Chandran


2 responses to “The Weed

  1. I really enjoyed how much of an integral part form plays in this poem; it adds so much to the words.
    Am I right in reading the pessimism/frustration in your piece as stifling, or would you think of it only as something transient?

  2. Thanks Dhaval 🙂 Yeah, there is a sense of frustration but I am not pessimistic 😛

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