MOTHER NATURE, “Justice to the name?”

The words “Justice to the name” carry a lot of meaning. I first heard it from a good friend of mine, Rangla Adam Kharam while deciding a name proposed by Anubha Tewari for our month long course website in CENTRE OF SCIENCE AND ENVIRONMENT. He explained it by saying that when we are not doing justice to “Mother Nature” then we are not doing justice to the “name.” It actually made a lot of sense, since we were hurting nature and still pretending like respecting it. I was very much inspired by his words and it kept running in my mind throughout the evening which led me to write a small article on what I was thinking.

Frank Lloyd Wright was from America who believed in designing buildings which were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture. He quoted “I believe in God, only I spell it Nature” and so do I believe in it. We all know nature has its own beauties and nothing could ever overrule it. Nature has its own ways of expressing its love both through living and non-living things and so does it even express anger through natural disasters but what so ever it does, its decision are never wrong. Hence it is still known as “MOTHER NATURE” and so do I love my mother.

Though we love and respect it so much but the sad part is I feel great sympathy on Mother Nature or The Environment for the problems it is going through and the fact is that though people are becoming aware of it; yet don’t seem to be reacting. It’s not only the land, air, sea or ocean but also the number of animals, birds and sea creatures are being killed not only to fulfil peoples stomach but for their “luxury” too, now that’s not called humanity. I consider it an exceptional for only those people whose only means of survival is fauna and not animal farming exploitation. The other fact is that we can’t blame anyone, for the reason that technology has evolved to make life simpler but nobody ever thought or might have probably ignored that a problem would arise which isn’t only tough to solve but keeps getting tougher day by day, in-fact ever second by second. The world has come to such a stage that the air we breathe is unfit to inhale, the water we drink is contaminated with toxic chemical waste, the food we eat is unhealthy but still it really doesn’t matter for the reason that people have become extremely busy or have adapted such changes. Now this issue is bigger than it looks. But like Noel Clarasó quoted “Every problem has its solution; the problem is where to find it” and I believe the truth is that, all the solutions are in our mind itself.

Every human is gifted by nature with a special power or talent which could be of great benefits to not only themselves but also to mankind only if ever it is being implemented in a proper manner. I firmly believe that it really doesn’t matter how much we try to change the people of the world, what matter more for me is what I could do to see the world as a better place to live. Though we may be divided by sex, community or land it is impossible to divide air and water, hence all of us have to work as one to save our “Mother Nature.”

“One doesn’t be good so that they benefit in future, they be good just because they want to.” – Manjeeth Rai


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