The (un)conscious Indian

Today, I embarked on a new journey of my personal development, getting a formal training in the area of ‘Sustainable Development’, or as some might put up ‘Environment and Development’. The month long course, organized by the ‘Centre of Science and Environment’ is titled very aptly as ‘Agenda for Survival’.

While coming back after a great day and meeting up some of the wonderful people from all across the India, as I get off the Metro to walk down to my flat, I ‘observed’ something, which I never did before on that road. I have been staying at the very same location from last two years and had walked down the same road perhaps more than some 500 odd times. But I ‘observed’ this for the very first time. A Lady was carrying a bunch of wood logs on her head, while her partner, perhaps her husband, was accompanying her while carrying a small lunch-box in his hand.Lady Image

So what was so unusual about this scene? By looking at it, perhaps nothing!

May be some of us might feel, that the male must had have been carrying the logs rather than the lady. But that’s the true reflection of what has been happening in the Indian villages from ages. Women are responsible for the fuel, fodder and water for the home. But being brought up in the urban setup and almost disconnected to the ‘other’ side of India, only a few among us know about this fact and even fewer of us have realized this, in reality.

The location of the incident was almost 100 meters away from my residence, and the locality is supposed to be one of the most posh areas of NCR. The real estate rates hovers to such a high that perhaps only the top 1% of Indian riches can think of owning a home here. (Just to clarify, I do not own one, I am renting one,[:)]).

So does now the scene sounds unusual? Perhaps a bit, because what does the wood logs are doing at such a location! The incident was felt unusual because we are so involved in our fast moving modern lifestyles that we hardly ‘observe’ such instances around us. We might ‘see’ them, but we rarely ‘observe’. Because we live on our own ‘dream world’ of urbanity, and we tend to believe that such things either ceased to exist on this earth, or at the maximum, they might be prevailing in some remote rural locations. We never realize that it’s happening right around us, in our own environs.

The image of India that we create in our minds or rather is created in our minds is a sheer illusion of what true India is. And one doesn’t need to travel to villages or remote locations to realize this. Rather, all we need is just a small little effort to not just SEE, but ‘OBSERVE’, our very own day to day environs.

Because getting ‘aware’ of the reality, is the first step towards ‘working for it’. Or as they say..

 “Consciousness is the key to action”


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